Poverty Alleviation Logistical Support turn-over to Barangay Cacao

Barangay Cacao receives their Log Support addressing Poverty Alleviation which took place last November 15, 2022 at ZABIDA Centro de Paz y Desarollo, San Jose Gusu, Zamboanga City.

Barangay Cacao crafted their proposal on Coconut oil and Vinegar Production with Proponents of the project, Cacao Farmers Association and Cacao RIC Women Association led by Mr. Victoriano Gregorio and Ms. Milter Natividad, respectively. Materials and Equipment for coconut-base products production were given to the Farmers and Women during the turn-over. This activity is under the Governance Component of the Convenio 3 Project, support by AECID through Manos Unidas.

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