Part 2: Gender Mainstreaming in Governance

In continuation of the series of sessions for Gender Mainstreaming on Barangay GAD Plan, Budget, and Policy, another 2 batches of coaching were conducted to GAD, VAWC-BCPC Focal Persons, Barangay Captain, Secretary, Kagawad, and SK officials of 18 Partner Barangays on March 21-22, 2022 at Seafood House Restaurant, Zamboanga City.

On the first batch of coaching, participants were from Barangays Tolosa, Lanzones, Cacao, Putik, Divisoria, Zambowood, Boalan, Lunzuran, Talon-Talon, and Mercedes. The second batch was participated by Barangays Manicahan, Lamisahan, Lapakan, Bunguiao, Dulian (Upper Bunguiao), Guisao, Bolong, and Victoria.

Prof. Rosalyn Romo-Echem, Philippine Commission on Women Representative coached on the application of Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Design Checklist in their GAD Plan & Budget. Guidelines & Tips on Crafting and Submission of Barangay GAD Plan & Budget was presented by Mr. Wilfredo Aporongao and Mr. Cyril Ganob of Zamboanga City Gender and Development Office. This session aims to orient all the participants on the standard GAD plans and budget recommended by the ZC GADO. This was a great opportunity for the participating barangays to directly bring their concerns and queries to the City GAD officer who gave them a hands-on coaching during the session.

This coaching workshop was done to equip the barangay officials and staff in crafting gender-responsive and properly attributed GAD plan and budget of their barangays. During the sessions, they were able to start enhancing their barangay GAD plan and budget and identify top gender issues for crafting of barangay resolutions and ordinances.

ZABIDA continues to capacitate and empower its stakeholders through trainings and seminars in addressing GAD-related issues in their barangays, which is one of the most overlooked aspect of local communities.

This activity was realized through the support of AECID and Manos Unidas under the Convenio Project.

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