Catering Services Supplies turn-over to Sama Bangingi Women Sector in Simariki

Through the Financing Services Program of ZABIDA, the Sama Bangingi Community in Simariki Island, Talon-Talon received Kitchen and Catering Services Supplies last April 14 of this year. Ms. Jahura Ganih, President of the Auka Ag Usaha Kitabi Association accepted the logistical support together with its tribal leader, Naser Ismula.

The said association is composed of the members of the Women Sector in Simariki Island. They are to open a Catering Services to people who are visiting their now open Island Beach services. Nujom Hadjibata, Program Coordinator of ZABIDA-Financing Services represented ZABIDA. The supplies will support the Women Sector’s livelihood project in Simariki Island. (Raquel Divino/FSP-ZABIDA)

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