Few steps closer to having their own home

KINAIYAHAN ECO-VILLAGE housing beneficiaries held its initial draw lots of house and lot assignment last July 6, 2017 led by KKI Program Coordinator Maisie Faith Dagapioso with housing staff Margie Mandal , Shermalyn Sangkula together with other KKI staff and ZABIDA housing staff.


After months of going through a number of process, KINAIYAHAN ECO-VILLAGE conducted its initial housing turnover last July 15, 2017 to 20 household beneficiaries that are mostly fire victims of Camino Nuevo, a fire tragedy that happened during Christmas day of December 25, 2016. Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF gave his heart warming solidarity message to the housing beneficiaries. A teary-eyed response was shared by the K4 Housing Association President Tatay Sho. (Dexter Rondovio/ZABIDA)

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