Reach-Out to Others Foundation, Inc. (ROOF): DRRM Logistical Support turn-over to Partner-Barangays

Apart from its “One Barangay, One Product” (OBOP) program, Reach-Out to Others Foundation, Inc. is continually working with its Partner-Barangays in Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) through providing Logistical Support.

Last July 7, 11 units of Trash Bin (Waste Disposal bins) were given to Barangay Mercedes for their DRRM initiative to implement a Waste/Garbage Segregation within their Barangay.  Present during the turn-over were Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF ZABIDA President and Dr. Grace J. Rebollos, ROOF President. Also present were  the Barangay Council of Mercedes headed by. Hon. Purificacion T. Delgado as witnessed by different sectors present: Women’s Sector, Farmers’ Sector, Youth, PWD and the Children’s sector.

Then, on July 21, 2017, another turn-over of DRRM Logistical support took place in Barangay Guisao wherein they received tents. The official ceremony was participated by the Barangay Local Government Unit, headed by Hon.Miguel Arquiza together with rest of the council members of Barangay Guisao and its Sector Representatives. Also present during the turn-over ceremony was Dr. grace J. Rebollos, ROOF President. The tents given are to be used during and after the disaster such as Distribution of Relief Good as well as during the conduct of Barangay Assembly and Annual Meetings of the Senior Citizen Sector.

According to ROOF Program Coordinator, Mr. Khamar Amsain, from its 17 target Partner-Barangays under the DRRM Logistical Support, about 13 more are still to submit their choice of DRRM Logistical Support Proposal and are to receive the said assistance. (Deorenzie Frances L Carreon/ZABIDA) 

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