ZABIDA Youth spearhead Barangay Youth Camp in their community

Participants and Youth Leaders of the Barangay Youth Camp in Barangay Victoria.

ZABIDA Youth continues its advocacy in Participative Governance by Community Empowerment through its Youth Sector.  A “Barangay Youth Camp” is organized in their respective Barangays for this year of 2017.

Youth Leaders in Barangay Labuan organized youth camp on February 17-18 followed by the Youth Leaders of Baragay Victoria focusing in the Eco-tourism of Barangay Victoria on April 27-29. Just recently,  last May 30-31 of this year,  youth leaders of Barangay Lamisahan also organized and conducted a Barangay Youth Camp. 

Each youth sector has their own concept in addressing issues in their community.  For instance, in Barangay Lamisahan, youth leaders use the Sustainable Agriculture and the concept of Biodiversity which shared by Dr. Grace Rebollos, VERDE Zamboanga Inc. President. 

Because of these Barangay Youth Camps, the Barangay Youth came up with different activities to be included in the advocacy campaign. The following are: Slogan Making Barangay Victoria, Poster making of Barangay Lamisahan and theatre advocacy for Barangay Labuan which focuses on preserving the Environment. 

There are about 40 young leaders from 14 Partner-Barangays of KKI and ROOF.  These youth leaders were oriented on their rights and lectured on the Climate change Mitigation, SK reformed law and Illegal and Drugs Campaign. All of them were taught how to use arts to promote and strengthen their respective advocacies for their community. (Leo Christopher Gaspar/Human Rights Advocacy/ZABIDA)

Featured Photo: Selected paintings from the Barangay Youth Camps in Barangay Lamisahan, Victoria and Labuan. 

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