ZABIDA Staff Gear Up for DRRM-CCA

Knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Climate  Change  Mitigation  and  Adaptation has  become required for ZABIDA Staff.  To enhance their awareness  and  knowledge  about  the  abovementioned topics,  ZABIDA  conducted  a  staff  development activity on September 30, 2016.

Inputs were provided by resource persons led by Dr. Ed Bisquera of theOffice of City Environment and Natural Resources discussed the topic on Solid Waste Manage-ment.  From the Bureau of Fire-Calarian Sub-station  team headed by SFO4 Jaime Pioquinto  oriented the  ZABIDA staff with              a Fire Drill Workshop.  Through this, the staff were trained how use fire extinguisher and were encouraged to create a Fire brigade organizational chart, not just as prerequisites to the organization’s application permit but as a preparation in response to Fire emergencies.

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