Project Orientation on the Kinaiyahan Housing Held

On Saturday, June 20, a project orientation was conducted at the Katilingban Home owner’s Association. Multipurpose Hall, Barangay Sinunuc, in this city, organized by the Katilingban sa Kalambuan, Inc (KKI), one of the four partner organizations of the Zamboanga-Basilan Integrated Development Alliance.

The participants were members of the Urban Poor Associations which came from Camino Nuevo C Urban Poor Assoc., Caminu Nuevo D Urban poor Assoc., United San Jose Cawa-Cawa Urban Poor Assoc.(USJCC), Nuestra Señora del Savacion Urban Poor Assoc (NSDS), Paz Y Buen Viaje Urban Poor Assoc. (PYB), they were also the 80 household beneficiaries of the Kinaiyahan housing project.

The activity conducted, informed and oriented the beneficiaries of the housing project on the payments, labor counterpart and the drafted Memorandum of Agreement between KKI/ZABIDA and the (client-beneficiairies) families that will be signing in the future.

The Kinaiyahan Housing Project by the ZABIDA, is under the Convenio II project funded by Spanish NGO agencies AECID and Manos Unidas, wherein, KKI, takes the lead in implementing the project in the community development aspect of the 80 households beneficiaries.

In a short program that was prepared, Ms. Juanita Cabugatan, President, Panaghiusa sa mga Kabus sa Zamboanga (PAKAZA), welcomed the guests and participants during the activity.

Ms. Marge Mandal, KKI, Staff, conveyed the overview of the project and also cited a brief introduction of the Human Rights
She also cited the rules and regulations that the beneficiaries to follow during the construction of the houses- which are the 400 hours of labor counterpart each of the households to dedicate, commitment to attend the meetings which will be a collective decision-making between the husband and wife and they should also be willing to transfer their residences in the Barangay.

The memorandum of agreement was later on explained by Atty. Eduardo Sanson, Board Member, ZABIDA. Atty Sanson reminded the beneficiaries to follow the conditions and comply with their obligations, to pay their dues and attend meetings, “Kita mga pobre, ayuda kita di atun mga kwerpo,” he said.

KKI Board of Director Chairperson, Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF said that the organization’s dream is to create an eco-village in the city, wherein Zamboanga will serve as the model with its community in the ecology. He recalled that the queen and other foreigners came to see the housing project.
“Manada hente na Zamboanga nuay kasa -el importante, hinde el kasa, hinde el mga palo, we are building a “Katilingban”/ community,” Fr. Calvo said. “Kosa importante ay el maga hente, pensamiento, Corazon,y manos,” he added.

An open forum was also initiated wherein the beneficiaries and the staffs asked questions regarding their concerns on the housing. Some concerns surfaced during the forum were about the down payments that an authorized person will be collecting (Dexter Rubio) that should be with a receipt; who will continue the amortization in case husband and wife will have to go abroad; immediate beneficiaries in case of unexpected happenings; when will the amortization payment starts; House extensions during the construction; Availability of the basic needs such as electricity and water. All of those questions were gracefully answered by the KKI staffs concerned.

A Social preparation to the Kinaiyahan Housing beneficiaries will also be conducted this coming Saturday, June 27 at the same venue.(Inputs provided by documenters- Roda Dequito and Shermalyn Sangkula)

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