Bound for a Middle East Job? Learn Arabic First in WMSU

Starting this school year, IAIS will offer a two-year Diploma in Arabic Language (DAL), Dean Eddie Ladja said.

“The DAL program is a dynamic language program that aims to guide students towards a high level of competency and adeptness in Arabic language, both in its formal and informal modes”, said Ladja.

The course is designed to develop and hone written and oral aptitude in the language, integrating lessons in listening, speaking and writing. This is supplemented by a reasonable introduction to Arabic culture and society in order to achieve the proper nomenclatures and usages of Arabic terminologies and phrases.

Arabic is one of the world’s great living languages, said Ladja. It is spoken by nearly 300 million people worldwide, especially in the Middle East, a region that had been in the forefront for its economic stature and labor migration.

Ladja said labor migration towards the Middle East countries has been vibrant and has become economically beneficial, so that knowledge of Arabic language and culture would surely result to immense personal growth especially for those who are aiming for professional endeavor in the region.

The entire course will span four semesters. It consists of 62 units. Most of the learning process is sustained generally through classroom instruction, where and environment of interaction between the instructors and students would be pursued. This will achieve comprehensive knowledge and grasp of the language. Other modes of instruction such as audio and visual equipment are to be inputted in order to enhance the main understanding and general comprehension.

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