22 ILS, CSWCD Teachers Learn Peace-Teaching Technique

Some 22 ILS and pre-school teachers of the College of Social Work and Community Development attended a four-day trainors’ training conducted by Western Mindanao State University’s Center for Peace and Development (WMSU CPD) on April 21-24 at the Guidance Center Conference Room.

CPD Director Dr. Marcie Carpizo said the teachers will gain the know-how needed to integrate peace lessons in their classroom instructions.

“This training is so timely. It is a stepping-stone for us teachers to go beyond our responsibility to help our pupils comprehend and talk about peace,” Prof. Natividad told the participants in keynoting the opening of the seminar. ‘Through the different learning areas, this training will teach us how to go about with our teaching with the integration of peace in some activities. When our children will understand what peace is all about, they will be able to share peace to others when they grow up. There will be a peaceful community, a peaceful nation and a peaceful world”, she said.

Prof. Natividad said her faculty staff will meet to finalize the integration of peace exemplars in the ILS curriculum before the start of the next school year.

Dr. Carpizo said her center will monitor such efforts and evaluate their practical results before the end of the succeeding school year.

Aside from topics on the culture of peace, the teachers also did exercises in conflict management and interpersonal communication enhancement along key areas prone to structural violence, such as environment, family and cultural diversity.

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