New Homes for 80 Families

Kinaiyahan Eco-Village, a housing project of ZABIDA through the Katilingban Sa Kalambuan, Inc. supported by the Convenio 2 Project of the Spanish Cooperation (AECID), is now the new home of 80 families from the verious Urban Poor Associations in Zamboanga City.

ZABIDA through Katilingban Sa Kalambuan Inc. (KKI) inaugurates its 4th Housing Project which is supported by the Spanish Cooperation (AECID) through Manos Unidas. The village will be housed by 80 families coming from different Urban Poor Associations and that are members of PAKAZA in Zamboanga City.

These 80 Families worked together to build their new homes that solely promotes Community Empowerment. Mr. Eliseo Taub, President of the Kinaiyahan Eco-village Home Owners Association expressed in his message that they are very grateful for the opportunity given to them to work for their now new homes and he as president is looking forward to creating a better community with its fellow members. He also said that he is beyond happy that all of the 80 families of the village is starting year 2018 with a new beginning in their new homes.

Barangay Chairperson Hon. Pilarica Ledesma, in her message, expressed that as Baranggay Sinunuc is getting bigger in population, she reminded the new members to be cooperate and participate in Barangay activities such as that of the Solid Waste Management. She also invited the home owners to process their record in the Barangay to avail benefits and easier request of documentation in the future.

Also present during the event was Manos Unidas Country Coordinator to the Philippines, Ms. Jessica del Olmo, ROOF President, Dr. Grace J Rebollos, ZABIDA Executive Director, Ms. Esperancita Hupida and ZABIDA President, Fr. Angel C. Calvo, Comission on Human Rights, Task Force Zamboanga and the Philippine National Police.

Fr. Angel C. Calvo, in his talk, put emphasis on the responsibility as individuals and as members of the community. He also expressed how he is looking forward to see the development of every family in the Kinaiyahan Eco-Village in the future.

Later on that afternoon, a launching of the book entitled “Scissors, Papers, Water, Stones”, written by Maria Frencie Carreon, which evolves around stories of migrants to Zamboanga City for the past 2-3 decades and that of the Home Owners of all the Katilingban Housing. The Inauguration took place at the Kinaiyahan Eco-village, Barangay Sinunuc Zamboanga City, 20 December 2017. (Deorenzie Frances/ZABIDA)

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