Untitled-6Our Aims

We aim to help build a peace constituency that commits itself to:

Create harmonious relationships within and among individuals, groups, from various sectors and levels;

Develop an awareness, appreciation and understanding of problems and issues affecting the local Muslim, Christian, and Indigenous Peoples’ communities;

Support mechanisms for people’s participation in the peace and development process by initiating discussion and decision-making for meaningful policy formulation and resource allocation especially towards more deprive communities.

Our Work

Peace Education. We organize and implement a progressive program of peace education and training for members and client sectors. Our activities include seminar-workshops on the culture of peace and skills for conflict transformation, and instructional materials development.

Human Rights and the Peace Process. We assert vigilant adherence to the Universal Declaration and Human Rights, with an advocacy especially for marginalized sectors. We also monitor aspects of the peace process (i.e., peace negotiations) and help provide careful analysis of the peace engagements with various fronts.

Youth. Our youth arm engages/mobilizes young members and client groups toward collaborative projects, and conducts education and formative training activities for the culture of peace and peace-related skills.

Business and Peace. We are concerned with the creation of an environment that is conducive to fair, just and robust business relationships in the community that are carried out in the spirit of respect, honesty, and cultural sensitivity. We initiate discussions on policies and traditions that emphasize social responsibility in dealing with economic concerns and practices.

Media and Promotions. We work for broader links with media and ensure accurate and adequate public projection of peace issues, as we promote the vision and agenda of a culture of peace.

Membership. We recruit, review applications for membership, orient potential members on the terms of affiliation with the Solidarity, its principles and programs.

We are a growing society of men and women in Western Mindanao advocating the culture of peace and working to help build a community of peace-loving and compassionate individuals, organizations and structures.

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