Log Support Turn-Over to Brgy. Malagutay

The Barangay Malagutay and Asocacion de las Mujeres de Malagutay sectoral group beneficiaries received their logistical support on May 21, 2021 at the ZABIDA Open Hall, Zamboanga City.

The turn-over activity was led by Dr. Grace J. Rebollos and facilitated by the Governance Component of ZABIDA-Convenio 3 Project led by Mr. Khamar Amsain, Program Coordinator. This is with the partnership and efforts of the community leaders Hon. Roel F. Cabugza, Punong Barangay of Malagutay, and Mrs. Erlinda Daquel, President of Asocacion de las Mujeres de Malagutay.

The following projects for their logistical support were realized in this event:

VAW &BCPC Project: Improvement of VAW Room. Equipment such as laptop, printer and filing steel cabinet were provided for the enhancement of VAW Desk services—attending VAW cases, filing documents, and assuring full confidentiality. For Poverty Alleviation Project: Alternative Livelihood (Rice Retailing Business). Fifty sacks of 25 kg rice were provided as starter pack. And for the Youth Project: SK and Youth Project BOTE (Building Opportunity through Education) wherein 1 unit of Develop Ineo 165e Photocopier was given to serve as a leverage tool towards their implementation of Advocacy Campaigns in their community. Additionally, they will be able to provide printing assistance to the students and residence of Malagutay.

Every logistical support went through project proposal review for approval presented during barangay session. Their proposal was adopted through barangay resolution with stated barangay local counterpart. This is an effort funded by Manos Unidas and AECID under the Convenio 3 Project.

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