KKI celebrates 21 years of Community-Development

Since 1996, Katilingban Para saKalamuban Organization, Inc. (KKI) provide homes to 800 families in which each member of the community are strongly involved in its continous development. KKI Housing Communities namely Katilingban, Kalambuan, Kalinaw and Kinaiyahan respectively formed independent Homeowners Association which helps regulate the concerns of every community. As KKI continues to grow, for the months of October to December, they are celebrating their 21st Anniversary.

Last October 1, KKI opened their 3-month long celebration through a motorcade followed by a Thanksgiving Masss held at the Kalambuan Multipurpose Center. The Opening Program made meaningful when a Ceremonial Torch Parade was participated by each KKI Homeowners Association President together with KKI Chairperson, Fr. Angel C. Calvo. A Cheering Competition also took place having Kalambuan Homeowners Association winning.

The 21st Anniversary theme is dubbed as “Kalambuan ang tima-ilhan sa Katilingban nga adunay Kalinawug nag-amping sa Kinaiyahan” which also means that Development is an indicator of a peaceful community that also cares for the environment. In the 3-month celebration, each community has prepared festivities that is going to be participated by the 800 families. Its main objective is “to contribute to the social healing that will help the families in different community association, and to build social relationship and camaraderie among and within communities.”

With the lined-up activities for their 21st Anniversary celebration, it is Katilingban Para sa Kalambuan Organization, Inc. gives emphasis on the camaraderie and partnership between and among the members of the KKI Homeowners Association.  (Deorenzie Frances Carreon/ZABIDA)

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