DRRM and GAD Logistical Support Turn-Over

For the month of August, Reach-Out to Others Foundation, Inc. with their 17 more target Barangays as of the month of July 2017, has conducted series of Logistical Support Turn-Over. 

ROOF conducted a Logistical Support turn-over last August 5. LAMSECO, a multi-sector group that composed of 5 sectors namely the farmers, women, youth, elderly and PWD were organized and registered to BRW-DOLE as one Association under Barangay Lamisahan showed their active participation.

The logistical support was through an Animal Dispersal Project (Swine and Goat). This is mainly for the Gender and Development and Sectoral /Poverty Alleviation. Present during the turn over and at the same time Oath taking of the LAMSECO officials were Dr. Grace J. Rebollos ROOF President, Hon. Rodel Alvarez, Brgy. Capt of Brgy. Lamisahan and Ms. Concepcion Tigas, Lamseco President, Officials and members of Lamseco.

Then, on August 8, they went to Brgy. Victoria. The Logistical Support were both for the Gender and Development and Sectoral Poverty Alleviation and the Disaster Risk Reduction Management given to the Women Fisher Folks and Youth (WFFY). The WFFY is an organized sector group which is BRW-DOLE registered. As identified by LGU of Barangay Victoria, 55 sacks of Rice for the Rice Retailing Business by the sectoral groups and set of Alarm devices for DRRM were given to WFFY. For the Barangay’s counterpart, they opted for the hauling of the logistical tools and equipment and the 55 sacks of rice as well as providing the snacks during the turn-over.

Present during the turn over were Hon. Emelito Ziga, Brgy. Chairman of Brgy. Victoria, Mrs. Mildret Falcasantos, and President of WFFY.

Three days later, the team from ROOF went to Brgy. Sangali wherein they turned-over sets of Alarm System and Equipment for the DRRM plus sacks of Rice for the Rice Retailing Business for the Gender and Development as well as Sectoral/Poverty Alleviation. This logistical support is worth 85,000.00Php was given to WIFY, the multi-sectoral association by the BLGU which is headed by Mr. Edwin Araneta, Association President. Representing the BGLU of Sangali, Kagawad Ruth Ranin showed its support.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)  signing and turn-over of  3 uniits of Petromax, 6 units of Spade, 6 units of catbed, 5 units of shovel for Rescue tools and equipment as logistical supprt for Disaster Risk Reduction to BLGU’s of Barangay Dulian-Upper Bunguiao was conducted last August 19. Present during the turn over was  Hon. Leon Tabuena and the rest of the Barangay Council of Barangay Dulian-Upper Bunguiao as well as some sectoral representatives. According to ROOF Program Coordinator, Mr. Khamar Amsain, “the basis for the Implementation of the logistical support was the plans and programs formulated both by the BLGUs and the sectoral groups last 2016.”


On the otherhand, Las Mujeres Recodo, an association of people belonging to the Women, IP, Fisherfolk, Tribal Leaders and Youth Sectors of Barangay Recodo were given three (3) units of sewing machine and other accessories. This is under the Gender and Development Logistical Support. Hon. Wahab Ibba, Brgy. Chairman of Recodo and Indigenous People Mandatory Representative (IPMR) Kagawad Lyna Abdurasid were present to show their support.

As the month of August is about to end, last August 25, a turn-over of logisitcal support on tools and materials to be used for Papaya Pickle production (GAD and Sector/Poverty Alleviation Logistical Support) and Alarm, speaker and kitchen utensils for the Evacuation Center (DRRM) was conducted in Brgy. Culianan. Barangay Kagawad Reynaldo Reyes and Kagawad Pilar Alvares were both present to in behalf of the Barangay Chairman.

“Before we give the logistical support, each Barangay submits a comprehensive proposal. This encourages strong Local Government Unit and Sectoral Group team work.” Throughout this series of DRRM and GAD Logistical Support turn-over, ROOF’s President, Dr. Grace Rebollos, Program Coordinator Mr. Khamar Amsain, LGU Coordinators Ms. Rahsa Alberto, Mr. Dennis Alberto and Aston Marc Suico were present.  (Deorenzie Frances Carreon/ZABIDA)

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