“Artreach Program for the Children of Bamboo Village, San Roque

GUHIT Pinas – Zamaboanga Chapter in partnership with the Human Rights Advocacy Campaign of ZABIDA in coordination with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Zamboanga, Task force Zamboanga and Youth Organization of Barangay San Roque conducted an ArtReach Program Activity last August 20 of this year.

Through this 1-day activity, ZABIDA’s HR Advocacy Campaign, following the priority agenda of Children sector of the right to participate, right to play and right to education were realized.

ArtReach Program’s main objective is to give an art session for the less fortunate children in the community. The children in the community were taught basic arts by provided proper learning inputs on Children’s right through Art as a tool for advocacy.

GUHIT Pinas – Zamboanga Chapter believes in their slogan “Reach-out…teach art….making a kid smile… inspire!”. Their goal is to teach basic art session to the children to inspire and to motivate them to explore and discover their skills and talents young as they are.

After the activity, the children participants received Art Materials to encourage them in continuing their drawing as they express themselves through their imagination. (Leo Gaspar/Human Rights Advocacy Project Staff/ZABIDA)

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