KKI conducts Anti-Bullying Campaign from West to East

KKI strengthens its fight for Children’s Rights particularly in creating a community full of love and harmony. On August 24, 2017, a learning session on Anti-Bullying was given to 60 grade 6 pupils of Labuan Elementary School. This is a long month activity of the Barangay Council of Labuan the Barangay Council for the Protection […]

Participation in the Public Consultation for the Biodiversity Management Plan

ZABIDA-Verde Zamboanga, Inc. participates in the Public Consultation for the Zamboanga City Biodiversity Management Plan held at LM Hotel, today, August 16. The Public Consultation organized by the City Government of Zamboanga, USAID and the U.S Department of Interior gathered representatives of the City Government and Barangay Local Government, National Government Agencies, and members of […]

Dialogue on the Simariki Security situation

A Community Dialogue with the Security Sectors, Government Agencies and partner organizations was conducted by the Simariki Island Sama Bangi- Bangi Association (SISBA). This is in partnership with ZABIDA, the dialogue was held in Simariki Island, Barangay Talon- Talon , Zambaoanga City. The call for dialogue was due to the recent CIDG arrest of a […]

“Artreach Program for the Children of Bamboo Village, San Roque

GUHIT Pinas – Zamaboanga Chapter in partnership with the Human Rights Advocacy Campaign of ZABIDA in coordination with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Zamboanga, Task force Zamboanga and Youth Organization of Barangay San Roque conducted an ArtReach Program Activity last August 20 of this year. Through this 1-day activity, ZABIDA’s HR Advocacy Campaign, following the […]

Boses ng Kabataan Children’s Assembly in Katilingban

Boses ng Kabataan, a Child-Led Organization in Zamboanga City spearheaded the Children’s Assembly attended by 6 communities and 1 partner Barangay of Katilingban Sa Kalambuan Org., Inc. last August 21, 2017. Around 65 children attended the whole day activity which aimed to establish a mass-based children support to prohibit Violence against Children specificially on Physical […]

KKI Sectoral/Poverty Alleviation and GAD Logistical Support in Barangay Talon-Talon

Punong Barangay Casmir O. Candido, with other barangay officials and representatives of different sectors, received sewing machines and early warning devices in a simple and meaningful ceremony held at the Talontalon Barangay Hall last August 3, 2017. These equipment were identified by BLGU officials and sectoral representatives in a series of learning sessions on participatory […]

KKI visits Barangay Calarian and turns-over DRRM Logistical Support

  Katilingban Sa Kalambuan turned-over hand-held radios and projectors to Barangay Calarian last August 3, 2017. This logistical support is under its Participatory Governance advocacy.  These equipment will be used in implementing projects that would benefit the barangay’s constituents. The DRRM logistical support proposal was identified by the sectors and officials through a series of […]