NFI on Culture of Peace Activities

This July 2017, Nagdilaab Foundation Incorporated, one of the members of NGO consortium of ZABIDA which is based in Basilan conducted the phase 2 Barangay-based activity on Culture of Peace (COP) which focuses on the Barangay Justice System and Conflict Resolution Skills.

The COP was held simultaneously in the 20 Partner-Barangays of NFI, and these were the following; Townsite, Upper Portholland, Shipyard Tabuk, Calang Canas, and Taberlongan under the Municipality of Maluso, 10 barangays in Lantawan which includes the Barangays of Upper Banas, Lower Banas, Pamucalin, Baungis, Tairan, Upper Manggas, Lower Manggas, Matikang, Calayan and Switch Yakal, and five from Akbar Municipality; Upper Bato-Bato, Lower Bato-Bato, Upper Sinagkapan, Caddayan and Paguengan.

The two-day Peace-Building activity aimed to capacitate 30 participants comprising the Barangay Officials, Lupon Tagapamayapa and the different sector group leaders. They are whom we believe are the front liners in promoting Peace and settling conflict in the Barangay using the lens of Conflict Transformation. The COP activities are made possible with the help of the trained community facilitators mobilized by team. And, this is headed by the Municipal LGU Coordinators under Governance Program-Convenio 2 Project of NFI and return they conduct Culture of Peace activities to their respective assigned Barangays. (Nagdilaab Foundation Inc./ZABIDA)

About the Photo: COP participants of Shipyard Tabuk simulate the conflict resolution skills on mediation.

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