Logistical Support Turn-over to Farmers in Brgy. Manicahan

ROOF turns over equipment and materials as a  logistical support for Sector Alleviation and Gender and Development in Barangay Manichan last June 9 of this year. The logistical materials were given to the Farmers Association of Manicahan and its Women Sector for their Alfajor, Poto Seco and Salakot Barangay produce. 

Present during the turn over were Dr. Grace J. Rebollos, ROOF president, Ms. Esperancita Hupida,  Executive Director – ZABIDA, Ms. Nenita Clemente Brgy. Kagawad of Manicahan, Ms. Aimee Guevarra, President of the Neighborhood Family Organization (NFO), and Mr. Romeo Toribio Manicahan Farmers Association. (Khamar Amsain/ROOF/ZABIDA)

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