Joint Iftar Celebration in Maluso, Basilan

In partnership with NAGDILAAB Foundation  Incorporated (NFI), Claret Samal Foundation Inc. (CSFI), Claret School of Maluso, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish and the Barangay Local  Government Units of Townsite, Upper  Portholland and Shipyard Tabuk, Maluso  Municipal Government Unit, headed by the Mayor Hanie A. Bud, initiated a joint Iftar  Celebration dubbed as “Ramadhan  Pagduwa’a” held […]

Muslim Religious Leaders call to Stand United Against Extremism

Islamic Religious leaders are eyeing to call for a ‘conversation’ between the Shia and Sunni communities in the city to address the escalating issue of extremism  in the country and to settle the “intrafaith” problems within the believers of Islam.   “I propose for the Ulama Council (Muslim clerical body) to stand united and to […]

National Arbor Day Community Tree Planting in Barangay Lamisahan

ZABIDA continues to commerate the Farmers and Fisher folk month in its series of Community Tree Planting activities which were spearheaded by the its partner-Farmers Association. For National Arbor Day last June 25, Barangay Lamisahan that is celebrating its Our Lady of Perpetual Help Fiesta, conducted Community Tree Planting Activity. Rain or Shine, as was […]

Brgy. Pamucutan Pioneers Community Tree Planting

In celebration of the Farmers and Fisher folks month for May 2017, the Farmers from Barangay Pamucutan of the West coast area of the city pioneered a Community Tree Planting activity. This was conducted last June 3, 2017 at Sitio Anuling. This activity was spearheaded by the Farmers sector of the Barangay and was joined by  the Women […]

Iftar celebration of fellowship in Brgy. Rio Hondo

The community of Campo Muslim in the village of Rio Hondo was once devastated during the infamous Zamboanga Siege in the year 2013. Since then, many of its local residents still did not return to their normal way of living as the remnants of the traumatic experiences are still visible in the area.   As […]

Community Tree Planting in Brgy. Cabaluay

We continue to support and work with the Farmers Sector in our Partner-Barangays as part of our Farmers Rights Advocacy. A second Community Tree Planting spearheaded by the Farmers sector of Barangay Cabaluay was took place last June 10 at Sitio San Isidro Riverbank at Barangay Cabaluay. 300 Narra seedlings sponsored by Zamboanga City Water District […]

Logistical Support Turn-over to Farmers in Brgy. Manicahan

ROOF turns over equipment and materials as a  logistical support for Sector Alleviation and Gender and Development in Barangay Manichan last June 9 of this year. The logistical materials were given to the Farmers Association of Manicahan and its Women Sector for their Alfajor, Poto Seco and Salakot Barangay produce.  Present during the turn over […]

Further support to the PWD Sector in Zamboanga City

The Department of Labor and Employment in coordination with ZABIDA, called a Meeting, yesterday, June 8, 2017 to discuss with the leaders of the Persons with Disabilities Sectors in Zamboanga City. Also present was ZABIDA Executive Director and BUB Zamboanga City Co-Chairperson, Ms. Esperancita Hupida and ZABIDA Human Rights Advocacy Project Staff, Leo Gaspar. The […]

A Statement of Solidarity for the Victims of War in the Islamic City of Marawi

As the fierce fighting in Marawi enters its second week, we count more than a hundred casualties, scores of hostages, and over 17,000 internally displaced families who have left the city for safer grounds. In the strongest terms, we condemn these atrocities and dread their escalation to more bloodshed, leading to a higher fatality count, […]