Katilingban Home Owners’ Association Day Care Center holds 15th Foundation Day

In continually empowering the community, former students, parents, teachers and KHOA community leaders joined current students and their parents in a meaningful 15th Foundation Day celebration of the Katilingban Home Owners’ Association (KHOA).

The event showcased the talents of the students and its teachers. It also showcased the creative minds of the students as their work of arts were exhibited for viewing.

Present were Ms. Ma. Jesusa Alvarez, CSWD Field Supervisor and Ms. Ruth Aquino of Barangay Sinunuc. Then day care teachers Ms. Sharon C. Viray (the first day care teacher) and Ms. Aila Ramos, also showed their support.

Alumni and students danced and sang songs, shared stories of how it was as students and what they are doing now as well as what kind of future they envision. The highlight of the celebration was the photo exhibit which showed the Day Care Center’s various activities all these years. Several alumni of the Day Care Center are has graduated in College just this March of 2017.

Most of them left the forum bringing with them more inspiration to continue their efforts in peace and to brave the challenges in building and maintaining a harmonious community.
(Deorenzie Frances Carreon/ZABIDA)

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