Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB) Community Monitoring

ZABIDA strongly supports the movement towards good governance in providing human security. Its
evident involvement in the Bottom-Up Budgetting (BUB) National Government Strategy, ZABIDA, through the Executive Director, Ms. Esperancita E. Hupida, also the Co-Chairperson and CSO Signatory of
BUB-Zamboanga City, progressed for year 2015 – 2016.

The BUB Strategy encourages participatory governance with the support and cooperation of the civil society. For BUB-Zamboanga, Zamboanga City Poverty Reduction Action Team (ZCPRAT) became the principal body governing the BUB Process. The body is composed of 32 member-teams and is headed by the City Mayor, Maria Isabelle G. Climaco.

Through the year 2015 -2016, the CSO members of the ZCPRAT continually fulfilled their commitments
under the BUB. Ms Hupida led the team by initiating various monitoring activities in tracking the progress of the implemented rograms and projects under the BUB. Monitoring initiative did not end there as BUB has also been doing Community Monitoring.

“The BUB Citizen Monitoring System was introduced by DILG for BUB. It enables CSO memeber of the LPRAT to monitor BUB prokects implemented by various local and national agencies.”, said Mr. Jessie
Christopher B. Lapinid, BUB Focal Person for Zamboanga City of the City Planning and Development.

He also added, “Monitoring invovles guide forms indicating project profiles and monitoring remarks. These forms are consolidated by the Team Leaders, in which case, Ms. Emerita Basilio. The reports are then
submitted to the planning office for the quarterly BUB implementation reported by the same office.” As he further explains the essence of the BUB Citizen Monitoring System implemented specifically for calendar year 2016.

The BUB Strategy may have culminated on a National Level, but, CSO members took the initiative to
continue their efforts as a commitment to push forward a participatory government involving CSOs for the community. (Deorenzie Frances Carreon/ZABIDA)

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