International Human Rights Day in the Zambo

The International Human Rights Day which is being observed annually every 10th of December is also the fêted in the city with a theme, STANDOUT FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHTS TODAY.

In celebration to this in Zamboanga City, ZABIDA in the collaboration with the Commission on Human Rights IX and the Department of Interior and Local Government Unit gathered together the different sectors, partner Barangay local government units, government line agencies, academe and the civil society organizations.

ZABIDA, with one of its main thrusts, the HUMAN RIGHST ADVOCACY is engaged with the eight sectors in Zamboanga City. These are the Women, Children, Farmers, Youth, Internally Displaced Sectors, Indigenous Peoples, Informal Settlers and the Persons With Disabilities.

This event looked back from the first implementation of the Human Rights advocacy wherein at least one of the sectors’ priority agenda were addressed and the advocacies were promoted by the sectors through lobbying with the concerned government offices. A workshop-planning with the participants were also conducted which asked them what and why they will focus the next advocacy agenda for 2017.

The Commission on Human Rights in the person of Atty. Cristina Marie Eugenie J. Jimenez discussed on the establishment of a Barangay Human Rights Action Center (BHRAC) within the barangays. She challenged the BLGUs to make the BHRACenters of Zamboanga City to be a role model up to the national level.

ZABIDA Chairperson, Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF, encouraged the sectors to be conscious of the human rights. “We have to establish our cultural, social and economic rights, we have to know and to claim for these rights,” he said. Fr. Calvo noted that he wants to see all of the sectors come together, TODAY and come out with a voice as he reiterate the theme, STANDOUT FOR SOMEONE’S RIGHTS TODAY.

One of the marginalized sectors, the FARMERS
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