Bancas for Sama-Badjaos Initial Turn-Over

Despite of a rainy Friday on October 28- this day still marked the blessing of 50 household-communities of Sama-Badjao tribes from Rio-hondo. This is because; it is an initial turn-over of 30 bancas out of 50 that are being supported by ZABIDA in the historical place of Simariki Island, Barangay Talon-Talon.

Through the assistance of Simariki Island Sama-Banguingui Association (SISBA), sea-faring, Sama-Badjaos represented by Simariki Island Sipail Sama-Badjao Association are to receive 50 bancas both for their transportation and livelihood purposes wherein their main source of living is by fishing in the coastal area. Like the SISBA community, as their counterpart to the said opportunity, they also committed to preserve and protect their coastal habitat by planting Mangrove in their respective areas and will also serve as environmental guards by protecting and keeping their areas clean. 

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