Barangay La Paz, Tree Park Strategic Planning

To further carry on with what was started in Barangay La Paz’s Tree Park, ZABIDA, in partnership with the BLGU officials of La Paz, initiated a Strategic planning on the development of the barangay’s Tree Park which is eyed as the Eco-tourism park of the city on October 15 at the Barangay La Paz barangay hall.

With this, the participants who are the BLGU officials and the sectoral representatives from farmers, youth, and women took part in the strategic planning process. The activity is expected to eventually come up with a concrete vision and mission and planning on how to maintain the sustainability of the said Tree park.

Verde Zamboanga alliance members, Zamboecozone, BLGU-Pamucutan, ZCWD, and WMSU-CFES, with DENR-CENRO also attended the said activity to support and respond to any aid the barangay needs for this endeavor.

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