“Verde Zamboanga”: Joining Forces for the Environment and Climate Change

At an assembly conducted on September 9 at Sophia Hall, Claret School of Zamboanga City, 38 institutions and organizations from the academe, barangay local government units and their basic sectoral representatives (women, youth and farmers), peoples’ organizations, civil society organizations (NGOs) and some government line agencies convened to discuss local concerns on the environment and climate change. During the assembly, the group agreed to firm up plans for organizing themselves on the basis of critical reference points that included their Vision, Mission, and Goals, as well as programs on environment-related initiatives such as biodiversity conservation, environmental management, as well as Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Zamboanga City.
Part of the proceedings involved naming the alliance “Verde Zamboanga”, from an initial organizational title of “Zamboanga City Civil Society Organizations Climate Change Adaptation Alliance (ZC CSO-CCA Alliance)” . Among the matters lined up for further decision-making and action were:
• Whether or not to register “Verde Zamboanga” with the Securities and Exchange Commission
• Conceptualization of the organizational structure, its mission and vision
• Designation of ZABIDA and ADZU-SACSI as lead secretariat.
• Creation of sub-committee clusters on Reforestation and Mangrove Rehabilitation; Solid Waste Management; Education and Advocacy; Research; and Monitoring and Evaluation, together with their respective plans of action,
• New updates: The Education and Advocacy/Solid Waste Management cluster led by Claret School of Zamboanga City and ADZU-SACSI will be having environment-related activities targeting High School students and teachers in the coming month of October.
We recall that the Zamboanga City CSO-CCA Alliance first convened over a year ago on August 19, 2015, at the ZABIDA (Peace and Development Resource Center) Conference Room, Suterville, this City. The meeting was called to enhance awareness and level off on the understanding of climate change mitigation and adaptation. It also included a reality check to determine current initiatives of the different participating organizations in dealing with to environmental issues and initiatives. Verde Zamboanga wants to serve as a network of partners from civil society, the government, peoples’ organizations, and basic sectors in sustaining these efforts, benchmarking local actions for the environment and helping enhance the resilience of local communities.

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