Known Environmentalist Inspired ZC CSO-CCA Alliance

While the drastic consequences of climate change are becoming more and more evident, civil society alliances have formed to raise pressure on politics and demand courage to take climate protection and adaptation to climate change seriously.

Alongside the ecological issue, considerations of justice in development policies are becoming a focal issue of this alliance.

From a different engagement in the city, a well-known environmentalist took time to become an instant resource person during the assembly. Mr. Rodnie Galicha, a Filipino environmentalist and human rights activities currently involved in climate justice, biodiversity conservation and natural resources conflict management and works with former United States Vice President and Climate Change activist, Al Gore, inspired the  Zamboanga City Civil Society Organizations-Climate Change Adaptation Alliance.

In his session with the group, Galicha highlighted the “COP21” (Conference Of Paries) or Paris Climate Conference with 195 countries that adopted the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal. The agreement sets out a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°c. the agreement is due to enter into force, in year 2020.

It is a challenge therefore the sooner the mitigation activities begin, the lower the likely the impacts. This indicates that the overall challenge of climate policy will be to find the efficient mixof mitigation and adaptation solutions that limit the overall impacts of climate change. This includes that recognizing that many mutually re-enforcing synergies exist between specific mitigation and adaptation solutions that can lead to more efficient allocation of “climate response” solutions.

Early this February, a number of CSOs came together  for the 3rd time for the climate change adaptation. The objective of the activity is to have a clearer understanding of what climate change is and its ill effects to the society and to come up with action plans to counter these effects. Climate change is not only an environmental any longer. Also, climate change increasingly threathens economic investments as discussed by Mr. Diosdado Palacat, City Agriculturist, as the exorbitant damages caused by extreme events such as El Niño and the like, in the region especially to the agricultural produces.

The alliance together with the government line agencies aim to intensify strategies and mechanisms to help areas in the region improve their knowledge base on the effects of climate change and to develop and implement adaptation strategies.

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