NFI Held Impact Assessment with Partners

On January 13, 2016, Nagdilaab Foundation, Inc. held an impact assessment with their partners for the AECID program which is closing March this year.

NFI executive director, Miriam Suacito, in her welcome remarks conveyed that the 2-year AECID program is already closing, both for governance and peace education. “Kayo ay naging bahagi nito na naging kagandahan ay galling sa inyo ang recomendasyon para sa mga proyekto,” she said. Ms. Suacito told the participants that “the Good news is, we will be re-opening for our Convenio program for our same barangays and schools.” She also added that there will be an additional logistic support to the partner communities of the organization.

The participants did a workshop on the process of conflict transformation with an objective that looks at the processes on the experiences which hindered and helped and in the implementation of programs and activities. And these outputs will be integrated to the whole year planning in the one big program which is the Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Climate Change Adaptation for Convenio. The said participants were from the two municipalities that NFI has been working with. Under the Governance component, the Barangay local government units and sectoral representatives and at Peace component, Elementary school principals and teachers for peace education attended the said activity. For the BLGUs that are under the Municipality of Maluso, these are; Barangays Shipyard Tabuk, Upper Portholland, Townsite, Taberlongan and Calang Canas. Schools under Maluso east and West district; Maluso Central Elementary School, Camanggaan Elementary School, Portholland Central Elementary School, Laud Elementary School, Shipyard Elementary School, Gaunan Elementary School. And for the Municipality of Lantawan, these are; Barangays Matikang, Upper and Lower Manggas, Pamucalin, Tairan, Matarling and Switch Yakal. Schools for Lantawan District are the Switch Yakal Elementary School, Matikang Elementary School and Atong-Atong Elementary School. 

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