CSOs Monitor: Bottoms Up Budgeting Projects

On Wednesday, July 29, the BUB monitoring team, members of the Local Poverty Reduction and Action Plan, composed of DILG, DA, City Planning and the CSOs, represented by ZABIDA, came to visit three (3) sites of the BUB project that was implemented by the Office of the City and Agriculture.
These BUB projects have already completed the 30% cost that is part of the Local Government Unit and are still in the process of completion, with the 70% share from the national government that is divided into three (3) tranches.Only recently, the first tranche of funds was downloaded just this July.
The sites visited this day were, the Village-type Vermiculture processing at Barangay Ayala and at the OCA’s field office in Tumaga and the 400 meters Irrigation structure project in Barangay Guisao.

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