Re-Unidos who committed to cooperate in the task of Rehabilitation and healing of the communities in the City that had been working on a special project named RE-UNIDOS SOCIAL COHESION FOR PEACE PROJECT since October last year. Part of this project is the Implementation of Psycho-Social Healing of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who were the direct victims of the 2013 September Standoff that are now in four (4) different transitory sites namely;

  1. Grandstand
  2. Tulungatung
  3. Mampang
  4. Upper Calarian (PTSI).

On January 29 and 30, more than 120 Internally Displaced Persons (composed of families), that were from the two transitory sites in Tulungatung and Mampang 2 respectively participated in the -Social Healing Session conducted by Re-Unidos community members.

The main purpose of this session is to know firsthand from the IDPs how were they doing as IDPs, how are they with their new environment, what are their stories before and after, by simply utter the word “Kumusta ka?’. One of the Facilitators, AL- Rashid Jama said that, “Through this question, we allow them to express themselves”. Different sites, different stories, but majority of the participants has the same concerns on their current situation in the transitory sites have transpired.

The participants who were identified with the help of the CSWDO staffs in Tulungatung and the Integrated Resource and Development for Tri-People (IRDT) in Mampang 2 who also provided the venue for the healing activities were cooperative and were grateful that they were able to voice out their sentiments and currents situation in their respective sites. “Thank you ZABIDA and all the facilitators for coming here, at least, we were able to express how we feel, and maybe you can help us reach out to concerned National agencies/ persons about our situation,” One of the participants from Mampang Transitory site, Liling Jailani said in vernacular.

These activities were the continuance of the Psycho-Social Healing activity held in Grandstand on November last Year, and the same activity will be held on February 3, to accommodate IDPs from the PTSI Transitory Site in Upper Calarian.

Active members of Re-Unidos coming from different Institutions such as the Philippine National Red Cross, Barangay local Government Units, Academe, and other Non government organizations like the Integrated Resource for Development for Tri-People, and youths have volunteered to be facilitators and documenters in the conduct of the healing session with the IDPs through the “Art of Hosting”.

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