MWOP 2014 Torch Parade

The week long celebration of Mindanao Week of Peace 2014 ended with a symbolic Torch Parade which was spearheaded by the Inter-religious Solidarity for Peace (ISP) and Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ). The parade started at Normal Road, Western Mindanao State University heading to Paseo del Mar passing through the sceneric R.T. Lim Boulevard.

Thousands of participants coming from the different organizations and offices such as government line agencies and GOCCs, Private Sectors, Civil Society organizations and Non-government organizations, Security sectors, and the most vibrant and overwhelming participants were the youths of secondary and tertiary levels that came from the different schools and universities, including also the Mindanao Youth for Development (MYDev) program for Out of School Youths.

Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF, ISP lead convener and PAZ President on his message challenged the crowd to build interfaith bridges, setting peace-building priorities and advocacies, mobilizing citizenries and institutions.

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