Pilot test for Psycho-Social Healing of the IDPs conducted.

On Tuesday, November 25, some 30 Internally Displaced Persons, including children had been catered with a psycho social healing adopting the “Art of Hosting” which was conducted by volunteer facilitators of ZABIDA.

The participants, although with simple set-ups were glad to be visited. “We are glad that you came to visit us, to see our situation, and you can bring our laments to the concerned government agencies and other people to help us,” said Mujab Samsarani, one of the participants said in vernacular.

The children which was hosted by Philippine National Red Cross volunteer-facilitator, Joy Paalisbo have instructed them (the children) to draw. The kids’ smiles up to their ears, but sadness and even tears shows when they were asked to explain what their art is about. Majority of them drew their previous houses and pets and compare their current evacuation sites. Some drew of their families holding hand in hand, others drew their house of worship, the mosque.

Fr. Angel C. Calvo came to witness the session, gave an inspirational message to the volunteers, “Although the healing that we are talking about is very delicate, but it is also very important”.

He recognized and thanked the initiatives of the volunteers to assist in the conduct of the healing. “Your presence of asking and sitting with them (IDPs) is very important.” Fr. Calvo said. “We cannot give material things, but we can bring this to the government, locals, national agencies and even international to help them,” he cited.

The IRDT, who provided the venue for the healing session also provided volunteers to help in the facilitating of the IDPs along with the partner communities of ZABIDA and Re-Unidos members.

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