Recovered. Rehabilitated.

Two months ago, ZABIDA, with its partner organization Reach Out to others Foundation (ROOF) initiated a collaborative effort as part of the Rehabilitating and healing after the Zamboanga siege, worked hand in hand with the Tetuan Central School, its principal, teachers, and students, DEPED, community with the BLGU, 4Ps beneficiaries, MYDev learners along with ZABIDA partner organizations PAZ and KKI all worked together for the recovery of the Vegetable Garden of the School.

With the continuous care from the teachers in-charged and students of the Vegetable garden, the hard works are now noticeably earned.

The seedlings that were planted and transferred to their plots are now bearing its produce. The sweats from the heat of the sun, the dirt from the soil, the energies drained, the back and forth monitoring of the garden are now starting to pay off.

If only the plants could talk, they’ll probably say, “Look, we are greener:.

The garden would agree and add, “We are Rehabilitated and we Recovered.”

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