Accessing education might be easy for some youths, but not for jessamae asain of lamitan, basilan province. Four years ago, she was unsure of making it to high school because of her family’s financial condition. Third among five siblings, she contends herself with whatever meager income her parents could generate in stitching and selling nipa […]


The australian government through the australian agency for international development (ausaid) partnered with the philippine business for social progress (pbsp) to construct classrooms for student survivors of tropical storm sendong in the cities of cagayan de oro and iligan. With Australian support of Php63-million (A$1.5-million), PBSP has constructed six disaster-resilient, two-storey, six-classroom schoolbuildings for students […]


The last 43 years had been a remarkable four decades of recognizing deserving students of the secondary schools in zamboanga city with the honor as golden crescent achievement awardees. The golden crescent consortium of peace builders and affiliates (gccpba), affiliated with the interreligious solidarity for peace as muslim convener group, conferred the following honors to […]

Paging All Voters: Support Bata Na Muna Drive

CHILDREN under 18 years of age are technically unqualified to vote in this coming May 13 mid-term elections, but they are calling on all the wannabe national and local poltical candidates to consider them as their priority beneficiary-constituents if ever they will be given the mandate to serve the populace. This was the central message […]

Summer Jobs to Pay for Enrollment of Over 3,000 Students Next SY

THE summer is on! The summer heat is already being felt by the local folks in the city. Students are now enjoying their long breaks from their schools: No homeworks, no rushing of projects and other school requirements to meet deadlines. One of the much-awaited activities during summer is the “summer job”, a program given […]

Civil Societies Urge Dialogue to Resolve Sabah Conflict

CALM down, don’t shoot but instead let’s talk to peacefully resolve the Sabah crisis. This was the appeal made by five large civil society networks to the Sulu sultanate and Malaysian and Philippine governments amid the escalating use of firepower in the North Borneo province. The NGOs who made the appeal are Mindanao Peace Weavers […]

ISP’s Candidates Forum

ONE congressional candidate asked the audience to say “I love you” to each other, another read a dead man’s affidavit accusing another candidate present of dirty election tactic, and a mayoralty candidate asked everyone to stand up and pray with him. But other than these surprises, the Local Candidates Forum spearheaded by the Interreligious Solidarity […]

Regional Bantay Bayanihan Goes to Basilan

PEACE and order in the conflict-prone province of Basilan may expect some relief soon with the implementation there of the Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. IPSP was launched in the province last March 5 by its multi-sectoral, civil society-led Bantay Bayanihan. Bantay Bayanihan is a convergence […]

In ISP-PAZ Forum, Electoral Candidates Bare Peace Platforms

THE Candidate’s Forum sought to make public the peace-building agenda of Zamboanga City’s congressional and mayoral wannabes running for seats in the May 13 elections. The forum was a joint effort of the Interreligious Solidarity for Peace together, Peace Advocates Zamboanga and Zamboanga-Basilan Integrated Development Alliance, Inc. (ZABIDA). It was held at the Marcian Business […]