YOUTH Solidarity for Peace (YSP) president Robert N. Basco has been named as one of the Sen. Roseller T. Lim Five Outstanding Zamboangueno Young Leaders (FOZYL) for 2013.

The City Government of Zamboanga and Junior Chamber International- Zamboanga conferred the honors in a ceremony held last February 9 at Garden Orchid Hotel during which nine nominees were presented and five were awarded.

Basco having been in the organization since its existence started as a volunteer-turned facilitator for peace sessions and coordinator for major YSP activities. He was elected YSP president last year.

YSP has been awarded as well by the National Youth Commission and TAYO Foundation with the National Finalist slot in 2010 Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations of the Philippines and TAYO National Awardee last 2011. It was awarded with the prestigious ASEAN TAYO Award, making it the first organization from Zamboanga city to be awarded in Bangkok, Thailand.

Having been honored by such a recognition, Basco has pledge d to continue his voluntary works in the organization and to complete his course of BS Civil Engineering at Western Mindanao State University.

The other four awardees were also from WMSU in the persons of Arnold Bucoy, James Alih and Jay Calumpon and Ms. GraZiella.

Basco joins the other YSP Volunteers who were awarded with such honor to include Rosie France Montojo (2008), Christian Olasiman (2009), Mary Rose Jean Andrada (2009), Aldrin Bucoy-Abdurahim (2009), Anne Claire Molina (2010), Fatima Al-Zahra Ditti (2012), and Ronald Villano (2012).

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