Bashing Local Media

IN his message on the occasion of the observance of 42nd World Communication Day last May 4, Pope Benedict XVI underscored the “extraordinary potential” of social media. He said: “Without their contribution it would truly be difficult to foster and strengthen understanding between nations, to breathe life into peace dialogues around the globe, to guarantee the primary good of access to information, while at the same time ensuring the free circulation of ideas, especially those promoting the ideals of solidarity and social justice.”

3rd Nat’l Assembly for the Pastoral Care of Nomads and Badjaus in the Philippines

“SAMA-Bajau” is a name tagged to a group considered the poorest among the poor tribes known especially in Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, and Zamboanga Peninsula. It would not then be a surprise that the Samal-Bajau was the center of discussion and direction-setting of the 3rd National Assembly for the Pastoral Care of Nomads and Bajaus in the Philippines held this April 4 – 6, 2008 at the Jardin de La Viña Hotel and Restaurant, Gov. Alvarez Avenue, Zamboanga City. Being the third, this assembly is an offshoot of two others.

Rubber Industry in Basilan Now Bouncing Back

Isabela City, Basilan – THE distinctive aroma of unrefined rubber is unpleasant to the nose, but for Domingo M. Narciso, who is managing the biggest rubber plantation in this province, that smell could easily equate to gold. “Aside from coconut, rubber has been the major source of income of people here,” he told PeaceWorks at the cooperative’s plantation, located halfway between the cities of Isabela and Lamitan.

MILF Worried Over Renewed War As Malaysians Desert Mindanao

ZAMBOANGA CITY – A DAY after the Malaysian military peace-keepers bid Mindanao good-bye and withdrew the bulk of its troops from the troubled region, the Moro rebels on Sunday, May 11 admitted that with volatile situation on the ground, they are bracing for possible eruption of a new round of war in southern Philippines.


E=MC2 (Education My Charitable Contribution), a campaign to raise funds for school children in conflict-affected and economically-depressed areas of Mindanao has made basic quality education accessible to 86 indigent school children of Malangit Elementary School in Maguindanao.

22 ILS, CSWCD Teachers Learn Peace-Teaching Technique

“AS a teacher, peace should radiate within us because it is our responsibility to teach the young children what peace is all about”, Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) Elementary Department Principal Prof. Yolanda Natividad told her teachers at the opening of a culture of peace training.

Peace Talks Bickering Ensnare Not Just Protagonists But Mediator, Too

Zamboanga City – THE 11-year old southern peace negotiations would likely collapse with the withdrawal of the Malaysian peacekeeping forces from Mindanao coupled with the government’s slow paced action in crafting a comprehensive agreement on ancestral domain, a high-ranking official of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) told PeaceWorks.

Do a Better Job in Protecting Human Rights, CSO and Media Urged

THE director of Western Mindanao State University’s Center for Peace and Development (WMSU-CPD) has called for the strengthening of civil society organizations and for more responsible journalism practice in the city to protect the populace’s human rights and bring justice to victims of its violation.

Three Years of Jubilation: Zambo Catholics Are Set to Enter a New Faith Experience

Con alegria canta y celebra
Para siempre acorda
El centenario del fe Catolico
Desde pueblo Zamboangueño.

Una vida, Dios ta desea, Reflejando
Su amor y bondad, Que el de antes ya’ ace
Posible, ahora muchos to agradece.

(First two stanzas of the Centennial Jubilee Theme Song, Archdiocese of Zamboanga)

IF A biblical jubilee is “a year of favor from the Lord”, then the three consecutive years – from 2008 to 2011 – of the Zamboanga Archdiocese’s double centenary celebration should make the local Catholic community thrice-blessed. Last Monday, May 19, the Archdiocese marked its golden anniversary as archdiocese; on April 10, 2010, it will commemorate Pope Pius X’s papal bull issued in 1910 that appointed Zamboanga as the first diocese in Mindanao and only the fourth in the Philippines.