WMSU’s Best and Brightest Pupils Tackle the Art of Peace

TEACHING its elementary and high school pupils how to make peace and not war was surely an appropriate way to celebrate February as “Love Month”.

Thus did Western Mindanao State University’s Center for Peace and Development (WMSU CPD) conduct two consecutive seminar-workshops for over 40 class officers of the university’s Integrated Laboratory School to teach them “culture of peace” and conflict resolution. The seminars were held on February 8-9 and on February 11-12 at the guidance conference room.

God loves you, be obedient, honor your parents, respect others, peace begins in ourselves, WMSU Executive Vice-President Dr. Milabel Ho exhorted the students as she keynoted the opening of the seminar. She said children who listen to counsel are morel likely to be peaceable and positive-minded, healthy, deeply spiritual and ultimately productive and fulfilled citizens.

CPD Director Dr. Marcie Carpizo said the students in the seminar learned better communication and negotiation skills, identified forms of conflict and how to resolve them, as well as the elements of personal peace.

The students also develop action plans for peace advocacy and peace-building, for which they formed respective elementary and high school advocacy groups during the seminar.

The CPD was organized by WMSU president Dr. Grace Rebollos a few years back. As president since September of last year, she has made peace and civics education a keystone of university training.

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