In a Pirates’ Island, Education Not Booty Gives Hope to Kids

Ticala Island, San Pablo, Zamboanga del Sur – ONCE upon a time a no man’s land, this island has found new hope with its children getting more decent education because of the newly completed school building donated by the World Bank-assisted Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan – Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI-CIDSS) […]

No Big Deal? Evacuees Overwhelm Relief Agencies in Mindanao

Baraquel’s Bill Sets Better Help for Them ARMED conflicts and natural disasters have for many decades now forced hundreds of thousands of people, particularly in Western and Central Mindanao, to abandon their homes for the immediate safety of evacuation centers or other refuge. So frequent and regular such displacements have occurred and continue to occur […]

Will Truth Set Mindanao Free?

Peace Reporting: Zamboanga City – THE mainstreaming of peace reporting among Mindanao’s journalists has still a long way to go, but experts are noting the practice has been gaining ground in recent years. Thanks to the intervention of foreign universities and institutions, more than 50 journalists based in the Southern Philippines have been taught skills […]

An Award Levels Up Zambo Youths Into Avatars

Zamboanga City-BY every measure, they – once anointed as “Young Peaceweavers” – are a special breed. They see the recognition as a great and never-ending challenge to work more responsibly as young peace advocates, rather than rest on their laurels – or olive branch. Awardee Aldrin B. Abdurahim said the award he received this year […]

On The Wings of a Starry, Starry Dove

Zamboanga City – ACCORDING to design experts, a good logo must fulfil at least three essential requirements: it must be appropriate, aesthetically pleasing, and must reflect the institutions’ credibility it serves. Truly, the “Week of Peace” logo since it was conceptualized 10 years ago has been continuously creating waves of interests worldwide, observers said. Renowned […]

The Brush, Too, Is Mightier Than The Sword

Zamboanga City – KNOWN for his candid style of painting the plight of the Moro people, particularly in his home province of Sulu, Tausug Zamboangueño painter Rameer A. Tawasil has come back with his furious brush strokes to depict the predicament and the ironic situation of the people in western Mindanao as armed conflicts continue […]

Meek Subanons May Not Inherit the Earth

Zamboanga City – THERE are an estimated 2,500 ethnic Subanon families living as very poor, subsistence farmers in a logged-over, highland area of the three contiguous barangays of Labuan, Limpapa and Patalon in this city. Archeological records say their forefathers had inhabited this enclave and other parts of the Zamboanga Peninsula as far back as […]


“PAZSALAM” is a coined, conjoined word that still articulates for local residents – as it did more loudly and passionately in certain recent years – the interfaith and multi-culture focus of peace advocacy in Zamboanga City. The word evokes images of Christian and Muslim leaders sitting around a conference table to discuss the day’s community […]